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Youth Pledge Outh

Good morning ladies and gentlemen

The honourable teachers and all my beloved friends.
First, I want to thanks god, because of his blessing we can gather in this lonely morning here. In this opportunity, I would like to deliver my speech with the title “Young Generation as Spearhead of Nation”

Ladies and gentlemen,
Today is 28th of October. Each year we always demonstate this year as youth pledge day or in bahasa Indonesia we call it as “hari sumpah pemuda”. In fact, it also celebrated by Indonesian people who are residing overseas. It also milestone of youth pledge shouldn’t be ignored. Indonesia has shown its determination as stong nation united, able to stand alone with the power of Indonesia it self.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Youth pledge is an oath of Indonesia to admit, fight and maintain our homeland and Indonesian language are to revealed the content of youth pledge it self.
Ladies and gentlemen,

I will discuss the negative application that young peoples do now a days. We often see teenagers in punk hairstyle and dress, which are influence by western culture. They talk in language that people difficult to understand for outside their community. Moreover, they are so close with violence that has been something common for young people, so it can grow a big problem in the future.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if we see back to Youth Pledge was proclaimed on October 28th  1928, said
·         Firstly,

We are the sons and daughter of Indonesia, acknowledge one motherland, Indonesia.
·         Secondly,

We are the sons and daughter of Indonesia, acknowledge one nation, the nation of Indonesia.
·         Thirdly,

We are the sons and daughter of indonesia, Respect the language of unity, Indonesian

Or in bahasa Indonesia we know it as,
·         Pertama,

Kami putera dan puteri Indonesia, mengaku bertumpah darah satu tanah air Indonesia.
·         Kedua,

Kami putera dan puteri Indonesia, mengaku berbangsa satu, bangsa Indonesia.
·         Ketiga,

Kami putera dan puteri Indonesia,menjungjung tinggi bahasa persatuan, bahasa Indonesia.

As teenagers we should have spirit of Youth Pledge and support the content of Youth Pledge it self.

 Indonesia is the nation with wide are and has different faith and ethnics. With those different, we are as teenagers should active and creative to get more achievements, so it will make our country proud with it. One way to make it comes true, we shoud avoid bad influence that will destroy the moral of teenagers. Because it will effect the result of achievement.

To make it comes true we could do from the small things, example you are active for community and service which are help a community who need our help to make their life better,wearing Indonesian tradiditonal dress in particular occation like BATIK, and the most important one is always speak bahasa Indonesia in appropriate words( bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar) based on EYD(ejaan yang disempurnakan).

Ladies and Gentlemen
By doing those things, our culture will not be occupied by other country and it will not disappear.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I will read the youth pledge outh, I please you all to follow my words,
·         kami putera dan puteri Indonesia mengaku, bertanah air satu tanah air Indonesia.
·         kami putera dan puteri Indonesia mengaku, berbangsa satu bangsa Indonesia.
·         kami putera dan puteri Indonesia mengaku, berbahasa satu bahasa Indonesia.

I think that’s all my speech, I hope it can be usefull for all of us. Thank you for  the attention, good morning and god bless all of us.



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